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MI cable sheath stripper

MI cable sheath stripper
Product Detailed
Ultrasonic MI cable sheath stripper with smart designation is of great reliability, high working efficiency ISO 9001:2008

Ultrasonic Cable stripper machine is used to Mineral insulated cables strip of special equipment.Its clever use of the role of the characteristics of ultrasonic energy,will be able to shattered the insulation from fireproof cable and the protection of cable core line will not be any harm. This machine Compact design, work reliable, efficient, fast, low power consumption, can adapt to a variety of mineral insulated cables strip. The entire machine from the ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic vibration system, Strip body and rack composed of four parts.


Main Technical Index





Ultrasonic frequency



Peelable cable diameter

More than 3mm can be

5mm under

one working time Peelable cable diameter



Start-up mode

Manual or pedal switch

Power Dissipation

≤500 W

≤200  W


220V  50Hz  3A

220V  50Hz  2A

Machine size



Machine weight



Generator size



Generator weight



Mineral insulated cables Introduction

Mineral Insulated Cables short title MI Cables ,Is a Inorganic materials cable.

Cable external surface is seamless copper or steel jacket, between protective sheath and core wire closely compacted layer by the insulating layer of magnesium oxide.Highlight the advantages of high temperature,Can tolerate high temperatures more than 1000 °C,also been called the fireproof cable.In modern power distribution system,Mineral insulated cables Have a wide range of use of space, Its fire resistance, durability, safety, reliability, convenience and economy of construction is a traditional power cable can not be replaced by.

By end-use of different, Mineral insulated cables ,is one of the cable wiring,Heating Cables and Heating Elements.In practical applications is the most commonly used cable wiring.

Ultrasonic cable stripper machine working principle and application

Ultrasonic generator (power supply) from rectifier circuit, oscillator circuit, feedback circuit, track circuits, control circuits, power amplifier circuit, matching circuit composed of,will take City power to convert high-frequency high-voltage AC current, Convey to the ultrasonic transducer which Installed on the stripper institutions.ultrasonic generator power Adjustable in order to adapt to different working conditions.Generator is also have integrated timing controller, Control stripper machine ultrasonic vibration time and time interval.Ultrasonic vibration system consists of ultrasonic transducer, booster, tool head, shell and a cooling fan constitute.Transducer take input power converted to mechanical energy, that is ultrasonic.The form is transducer in the vertical telescopic movement back and forth for.Booster Designed to enlarge the amplitude of the need for.Also play the role of fixed the whole ultrasonic vibration system.And than Booster will take Ultrasonic vibration passed to the tool head, Driven tool head to carry out the impact to the cable.Mineral insulated cables in the high-speed high-intensity ultrasound under,cables skin(

Metal casing)interior Insulation mineral powder be shake loose,come loose,be expelled.Particular emphasis was placed,ultrasonic effect have a Wonderful features,it Force to seamlessly pass through solid.When beginning stripper,cables skin,Mineral insulating powder And the core line is integrated, Ultrasonic force can throughout the cable internal dissemination of.In the ultrasonic vibration force of,mineral powder be shake loose,come loose,be expelled. At this time, cored wire and cable lines between the skin was torn off.At the same time, the natural isolation of the ultrasonic force.In other words, when we need to protect the cable core line, ultrasound has been automatically stopped the force to the cored wire.Therefore, the use of ultrasonic peeling of mineral insulated cables,To the right to discharge mineral insulating powder ,also the wire cable will not cause any damage.

MI cable sheath stripper

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